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Apply for Unsecured Business Loans in the UK

Customised financing solutions for your business, no collateral needed

Unsecured Business Loans UK

At Funding Guru, we understand that businesses thrive on flexibility and freedom. Our Unsecured Business Loans offer a risk-free financing solution, allowing you to access funds without the need for collateral. Whether you’re looking to boost working capital, drive expansion, or fuel growth, our unsecured loans provide the financial support you need.

Secured business loan
Secured Business Loans UK

What is a Unsecured Loan

An Unsecured Business Loan allows businesses to secure funds without providing collateral, relying on creditworthiness and repayment ability. Ideal for quick capital access without risking valuable assets, this financing option offers flexibility for businesses on the move.

Key Features of Our
Unsecured Business Loans

No Collateral Requirement

Secure financing without putting your valuable assets at risk.

Flexible Funding Options

Access funds tailored to your business, ranging from £20,000 to £1,000,000.

Predictable Repayment

Benefit from fixed monthly repayments, promoting confidence in your financial planning.

Types of Unsecured Loans

Explore a range of unsecured business loan options at Funding Guru, tailored to suit your business requirements:

Small Business Loans

Obtain flexible funding without the need for collateral, designed to support the growth of small enterprises.

Start-up Loans

Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with unsecured loans designed to fuel new business ventures.

Business Cash Advance

Access quick funds based on future credit card sales, providing a convenient and unsecured financing solution.

Business Acquisition Loans

Secure financing for acquiring businesses without the requirement of collateral, ensuring a smooth acquisition process.

Working Capital Loans

Optimise your daily operations with unsecured working capital loans, designed to address short-term business needs.

Peer-to-Peer Loans

Explore peer-to-peer lending platforms for unsecured loans, connecting businesses with a diverse network of lenders.

Mezzanine Loans

Access funds for growth and expansion without collateral, combining debt and equity characteristics for a balanced financing approach.

Property Development Loans

Secure unsecured funding for property development projects, facilitating growth without risking property assets.

Thoughts from Matt

An unsecured business loan is a great option for companies looking for a quick cash injection. You can often get the money in your account within a couple of days. The money can be used to pay staff, buy new stock, or simply to boost your cash flow.

You’ve worked hard to build your business, and the loan could provide vital at a time when your business is at a crossroads.“

Matt Haycox
Founder and CEO, Funding Guru

Matt Haycox

How much can I borrow

Unlocking financial potential for your business with an unsecured loan follows a familiar path. Here’s how it operates:


A business secures funds through an unsecured loan, much like any other borrowing arrangement.


The borrower typically commits to monthly repayments, steadily working towards the complete repayment of the loan.


Secure cash for your company by selling shares to investors through equity finance. Funding Guru facilitates the process, whether by providing the finance directly or connecting you with potential investors.

Arrangement Fee

Businesses might encounter a loan arrangement fee, which can be added to the loan amount or paid upfront post-approval. This fee contributes to the cost of setting up the loan.

Application Process for Unsecured Business Loans

Online Application

Complete our secure online application form.

Quick Assessment

Receive a prompt evaluation of your application.

Fast Approval

Experience swift approval, often within hours.

Access Funds

Once approved, access the funds to fuel your business growth.

Secured loan for business

Why Choose Us

Tailored Solutions

Benefit from personalised and flexible financing solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

Transparent Approach

Experience transparency at every step of the financing journey, ensuring clarity and confidence in your financial decisions.

Proven Success Stories

Join a community of thriving businesses that have achieved success with Funding Guru's financial expertise and support.

Industry Experience

Rely on a partner with extensive industry experience, providing you with insights and guidance to navigate the complexities of business finance.

Efficiency and Simplicity

Discover a streamlined process that makes obtaining business finance quick and efficient, allowing you to focus on what matters - growing your business.

Secured business loans

What can an unsecured loan be used for

An unsecured business loan provides businesses with flexible funding, allowing them to address various financial needs:


Frequently Asked Questions

Unsecured business loans work by evaluating your business’s credit history and financial performance. Since there is no collateral involved, lenders rely heavily on your credit score and business stability. If approved, you receive the funds without needing to put up any assets, making it a straightforward way to access capital.
Unsecured business loans are ideal for businesses with a strong credit history and consistent revenue. Startups and small businesses in the UK with good credit ratings and solid business plans can also qualify. However, the eligibility criteria may vary between lenders.
Unsecured business loans come with several benefits. They provide quick access to funds without the need for collateral, which means less risk to your business assets. Additionally, the application process is typically faster, and you can use the funds for a variety of business needs, such as expansion, inventory purchase, or cash flow management.
The interest rate on unsecured business loans can vary depending on factors such as your credit score, business financials, and market conditions. Generally, unsecured loans have higher interest rates compared to secured loans due to the increased risk for lenders. Funding Guru strives to offer competitive rates to make borrowing affordable for businesses.
The approval process for unsecured business loans is generally quicker than for secured loans. At Funding Guru, we aim to provide a swift and efficient approval process, often delivering decisions within a few days, so you can access the funds you need without delay.
We offer competitive rates, flexible terms, and a simple application process. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping your business succeed by providing the necessary funds. With Funding Guru, you’re not just getting a loan, you’re getting a partner dedicated to helping your business succeed.

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