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The Changing Landscape of Commercial Mortgages in 2024

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In the unpredictable world of business, timing is often everything. If you’ve been holding back on investing in property due to recent financial ups and downs, you’re not alone. With interest rates on a downward trend and signs of stability emerging, there’s a growing sense of confidence among borrowers and lenders alike. Let’s explore how commercial mortgages have changed in 2024 and why it might be the right time to consider one for your business.

Big Banks Back in Business:

Over the past six months, high street banks have rekindled their lending appetite, signalling a shift in the market. Despite their conservative nature, these banks are facing increased competition, prompting them to offer more attractive terms. However, with high demand from SMEs, it’s essential to leverage the expertise of finance brokers to navigate this competitive landscape and secure the best deal available.

Modern Lenders Leading the Way:

While traditional banks are catching up, financial lender specialists armed with advanced technology and flexible business models have been leading the charge. These modern lenders offer faster response times, greater flexibility, and a wider range of structures, including interest-only mortgages. By working with a broker like Funding Guru, businesses gain access to exclusive deals and expert negotiation skills, ensuring that lenders are vying for their business.


Interest Rates:

The cost of borrowing for commercial mortgages typically includes the base rate plus the lender’s margin. With renewed competition among banks, margins are under pressure, and there’s speculation that the Bank of England base rate may begin falling later in 2024. At Funding Guru, we’ve already secured lower fixed rates for our clients, providing them with certainty in an uncertain market. By leveraging our expertise, businesses can explore their options and secure the most competitive rates available.

Seizing the Opportunity: Benefits of Investing in Property Now

Despite market slowdowns, now is an opportune moment to consider a commercial mortgage. At Funding Guru, we’ve strengthened our commercial mortgage team to better serve businesses seeking to invest in property. Owning property not only provides a hedge against inflation but also offers greater control over business space, allowing for renovations and additional income streams through subletting. Moreover, with lenders eager for business, businesses are likely to secure more favourable terms and conditions on their loans.

The commercial real estate market is showing signs of improvement, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to invest. By partnering with Funding Guru, businesses gain access to our commercial mortgage team and a wealth of expertise to guide them through the process. Now is the time to explore your options and make the next step in property investment. 

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your options and join our satisfied customers on the path to property ownership.


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