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Commercial Property Finance from Funding Guru

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If you need finance to invest in property, whether that’s to buy your own business premises, renovate a disused building and let it out or anything in between, Funding Guru can arrange or provide the right deal.

The commercial property finance market is starting to thrive again, since 2014 we have seen the biggest surge in occupier activity in regional cities since the recession, so it’s a good time to consider property investment.

At Funding Guru, we have extensive expertise in property finance, and we can often see funding solutions that our competitors can’t. We like to look for potential rather than problems, and we are more interested in the results that your property investment could yield than your financial past.

Without property finance, the UK market would grind to a standstill, as it’s estimated that about 50% of the sector is financed through borrowed funds at any one time. But the difference between a development that soars and one that stalls is often as simple as the funding package that it’s built upon.

The commercial property sector is complex, and there is no one-size solution when it comes to financing a project. At Funding Guru, we have really experienced developing property ourselves in all its guises – from buying rundown properties to turn into thriving leisure venues & building up a chain of pubs through to residential developments all over the country. So we really are in the best position to offer realistic, honest advice about finding and choosing the right finance.

Some of the financial solutions we can offer include:

Bridging or short-term finance – With more speculative development taking place than ever before, and the continued reluctance of mainstream lenders to relax their stringent criteria, the bridging loan market is soaring.

We can source or provide short-term finance, secured against industrial, commercial or residential developments or land with or without planning permission. If your planned property project falls within these criteria, and you have a solid business plan in place, give us a call to talk through your bridging finance options.


  • Bridging finance available from 0.5% per month.
  • Secured against your property or land.

Commercial mortgages – Whether you need a commercial mortgage to buy your perfect premises, or to purchase a tenanted office development, at Funding Guru we have the knowledge, experience and contacts to find you the best deal. We’ll consider your business’s history, but we’ll also look at its projected performance to try and find the best mortgage, and most favourable rates for you. We can offer commercial mortgages with up to a 30-year term, from as little as 2.99% per annum.


  • Interest-only mortgages are available
  • Up to 30-year terms
  • Investment mortgages of up to 85% LTV
  • Secured against your commercial property

Property Development finance – There’s never been a better time to explore property development finance – Aviva predicts that total returns in 2015 (capital growth plus rental income), will hit a high of 18 per cent. But, finding the right finance to see your development through to completion can be tricky. At Funding Guru, we will use our past experience to assess your development on its current merits, and we’ll try to find a way of structuring a finance package that matches your sales projections.


  • 100% development finance available
  • Secured against your development

Why finance your property development or investment through Funding Guru?

Having purchased an investment property and developed derelict buildings ourselves, we know the challenges you face, so we understand how to find the best deal to suit your circumstances

We have an enviable track record of finding property finance for tricky projects that other financiers have turned away.

As both a lender, and a broker, we have access to a huge range of property funding, and we can operate with a level of flexibility that our competitors can’t.

Whether you’re remodelling a skyline or simply relocating your company, call us on 03330 069141 or request a callback, to see if our funding could lift your vision off the ground.


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