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Empower Your Business with Strategic Invoice Finance Solutions

Turn Unpaid Invoices into Capital Opportunities with Funding Guru

Invoice Finance UK

At Funding Guru, we specialise in transforming outstanding invoices into valuable financial assets through our Invoice Finance services. Our flexible and customised invoice finance solutions are designed to optimise your cash flow and drive sustained growth.

What is Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance is a strategic financial solution aimed at helping businesses by using their outstanding invoices. Businesses can convert unpaid invoices into immediate funds, providing a boost to cash flow and promoting financial efficiency.

Key Features of Invoice Finance

Experience the benefits of our Invoice Finance services:

Swift Funds Access

Quickly unlock capital tied up in outstanding invoices for immediate financial support.

Improved Cash Flow

Optimise liquidity by converting unpaid invoices into readily available funds for smoother operations.

Reduced Credit Risk

Reduce payment risks as Funding Guru takes responsibility, allowing your business to grow confidently.

Financial Flexibility

Customise Invoice Finance solutions for flexible and tailored financial strategies.

Types of Invoice Finance Solutions

We provide different types of invoice financing so you can choose the one that best suits your business requirements.

Choose spot financing with selective invoice discounting, allowing you to borrow against chosen invoices. With Funding Guru, you retain control of your processes while enjoying immediate funds, keeping your customers unaware of third-party involvement. Simply invoice your customer as usual, share a copy with us, and receive up to 90% of the invoice value. When your customer pays, you settle with us – a straightforward process.

Suitable for:

  • Businesses with significant invoices seeking immediate access to funds.
  • Firms navigating seasonal cycles, maintaining consistent year-round cash flow.
  • Companies not inclined to borrow against their entire invoice ledger.
  • Any business desiring flexibility to borrow against individual invoices.

Borrow against outstanding invoices without your customers being aware through confidential invoice discounting. Set up an ongoing credit facility with Funding Guru, enabling continuous borrowing up to an agreed rate. Lend up to 90% of an invoice as soon as it’s issued, maintaining cash flow even when customers are slow to pay.

Suitable for:

  • Businesses looking to enhance cash flow before an invoice is paid.
  • Those wanting to retain control of internal processes and conceal third-party involvement.
  • Firms prioritising the preservation of customer relationships.

Delegate the hassle of chasing invoices with invoice factoring. The lender manages invoice collections, agreeing to buy outstanding invoices up to a specified percentage. For instance, a provider may buy 85% of £8,000 worth of invoices, providing an immediate cash payment of £6,800. Fees are deducted for arranging the loan, and the factoring company handles invoice chasing, with the final 15% paid when the invoice is settled.

Suitable for:

  • Business owners seeking relief from chasing payments.
  • Firms benefiting from support from a specialised invoice finance manager. Funding Guru handles collections professionally and sensitively to preserve customer relationships.

Thoughts from Matt

Invoice finance helps with your cash flow, which is essential to the smooth running of a business. It is particularly helpful when you supply goods or services that require you to pay your suppliers quicker than your customers pay you. Without funding to fill the gap it is very difficult to grow your business.
Invoice finance can also alleviate some of the risk of taking on new customers and help you manage your exposure to them.  It certainly isn’t a magic financial pill, but invoice finance can certainly help your business function more efficiently. Contact us today to see how asset finance can be used to help your company grow or branch into new areas.”

Matt Haycox
Founder and CEO, Funding Guru

Matt Haycox

How Invoice Finance Works

Secured loan for business

How much can I borrow

At Funding Guru, we typically offer up to 90% of the value of commercial invoices so you can immediately grow your business. We look at your whole sales ledger across a year when assessing how much finance we can offer, meaning the amount will be based on typical sales performance rather than individual invoice amount. 

Application Process for Invoice Finance

Invoice Submission

Submit details of the outstanding invoices you intend to finance.

Customised Proposal

Receive a personalised financing proposal outlining repayment terms and options.

Approval and Agreement

Upon agreement, our streamlined approval process guarantees a quick turnaround, granting you quick access to the funds.

Funds Disbursement

Once approved, the funds are disbursed quickly, allowing you to address immediate financial needs or opportunities.

Why Choose Us

Tailored Solutions

Benefit from personalised and flexible financing solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

Transparent Approach

Experience transparency at every step of the financing journey, ensuring clarity and confidence in your financial decisions.

Proven Success Stories

Join a community of thriving businesses that have achieved success with Funding Guru's financial expertise and support.

Industry Experience

Rely on a partner with extensive industry experience, providing you with insights and guidance to navigate the complexities of business finance.

Efficiency and Simplicity

Discover a streamlined process that makes obtaining business finance quick and efficient, allowing you to focus on what matters - growing your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Improved cash flow, fewer payment delays, and more effective operational expense management are some of the advantages of using invoice financing. It also helps businesses take on new projects and growth opportunities without worrying about cash flow gaps. Additionally, invoice finance can be quicker and easier to obtain compared to traditional loans.
Invoice finance is ideal for businesses that deal with long payment terms or have cash flow issues due to delayed payments. It is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups, and businesses in growth phases that need immediate cash to manage their operations effectively.
Invoice discounting and invoice factoring are both forms of invoice finance, but they differ in how they operate. Invoice discounting allows businesses to borrow against the value of their unpaid invoices while retaining control of their sales ledger and customer relationships. In contrast, invoice factoring involves selling your invoices to a finance provider who then manages the sales ledger and collects payments directly from your customers.
Once your application is approved and your invoices are verified, you can receive funds within 24 to 48 hours. This quick turnaround helps you manage cash flow more effectively and keep your business running smoothly.
Yes, using invoice finance can help improve your business credit score by ensuring timely payments to your suppliers and creditors. By maintaining a healthy cash flow and meeting your financial obligations on time, you can build a stronger credit profile for your business.
If your customer doesn’t pay the invoice, the terms of your agreement with the invoice finance provider will determine the next steps. Some providers offer non-recourse invoice finance, where the risk of non-payment is assumed by the provider. At Funding Guru, we offer flexible solutions and will work with you to find the best approach for managing such situations.
Funding Guru offers tailored invoice finance solutions, competitive rates, flexible terms and dedicated support with a trusted partnership. By choosing Funding Guru, you’re choosing a reliable partner committed to helping your business thrive.

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