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Funding Guru is a business finance provider and adviser to UK firms looking for funding solutions to help them grow and remain financially strong.

Who we are?

Funding Guru is a business finance provider and adviser to UK firms looking for funding solutions to help them grow and remain financially strong.

Based in Leeds, we were founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur Matt Haycox who wanted to use his experience of securing finance for his own businesses to help other business owners get access to the capital they need.

Having run businesses in most sectors over the years, Matt has had extensive experience in raising money and the best ways of being accepted for a loan. These skills are now used to help our clients grow their businesses and make their vision a reality through the right commercial finance solution.

Funding Guru is primarily a lender, having loaned more than £500m to UK businesses since 2014. We typically loan anything between £100,000 to £1,000,000 but consider all funding requests of most sizes.

We take a pragmatic approach to lending. Rather than focusing on your past, we’ll look at where you are at right now and what your future forecasts for the business look like.. If you’ve got a great product or service then we may look to fund you even if you have a poor credit history.

Our own in-house underwriting team reviews applications on a case-by-case basis, and we pride ourselves on offering customers a more personal service and deeper level of understanding than other finance providers. 

If you are missing key elements on your application, or need help fine-tuning your business plan, we’ll help you get to the best position to be accepted for finance. 

Even if we can’t provide the funds ourselves, we’ll know who can as we are also a broker. We’ll work closely with you and be with you every step of the way to give you the best chance of securing funding.

We are also highly experienced in insolvency and ‘turnaround finance’. If your business needs a fast cash injection or knowledgeable intervention to guide it back to a healthy state, our team of specialists can help you.

Running a business has its challenges, and raising finance is always one of the toughest. Don’t let a funding shortfall hold back your business. Contact us today about raising finance and let us help you get the capital you need. 

Let’s grow your business together! Call us on 0333 006 9141 or contact us online.

Thoughts from Matt

“At Funding Guru, we are genuinely different to other finance providers because we are primarily business owners. We know what it takes to run a business and the frustrations you may be facing. We are business people, not bankers, and were borrowers before lenders. 

“I’ve learned a huge amount through running different businesses over the years and have made many mistakes. My aim through Funding Guru is to use my experiences to help other business owners stay financially healthy through the right finance package coupled with real world advice.”

Matt Haycox
Founder and CEO, Funding Guru

Matt Haycox

We’ll get you the right finance solution for your business

Why choose Funding Guru? Below are just a few reasons why we believe we stand out from other finance providers.

We're great listeners

We’ll take the time to truly understand your business so we can work out the right finance to take your venture forward

We've built businesses ourselves

We have founded, grown, and invested in businesses that have thrived – as well as a few that haven’t. So we know what it takes to build and expand a profitable venture.

Fast finance is our forte

If you’re considering finance, you probably want it quickly. That’s why we offer a 24-hour application turnaround, so you don’t miss any opportunities that come your way.

Great connections to other lenders

Every business is different and there are many types of finance that could be suitable for your needs. We have access to a wide panel of lenders, and we’ll know the most suitable.

We focus on potential not problems

We excel at finding and providing finance for tricky circumstances and unpopular industries, and we will keep looking for solutions long after other financiers have given up.

Straight talking advice

At Funding Guru, we like to keep you informed in plain, clear language so you always know where you stand. We’ll also help you with your application to give you the best chance of being accepted for a loan.

Contact Us

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