Christmas might be over but there are always occasions you need to be buying presents! Even if it is just to get yourself ‘back in the good books’ with your other half! (Yes, We’ve all been there! Me probably too many times!!)
When it comes to gifts, there’s always someone in your life that’s bloody impossible to buy presents for. Maybe YOU are that person!

So what do you give someone that either already has everything they want, or just never even knows what they want?

Instead of chucking away your money on boring gifts that are not going to hit the mark, let me help you give them a gift that is going to deliver so much more than just a one-hit wonder! What if you could give them luxury, glitter, glamour, incredible food, cocktails, elegance, action, thrills, celebrities, and the finest party long into the night the VIP social calendar has ever seen?!

On top of all this? An incredible opportunity to get up close and personal, enjoying entertainment, mingling and incredible networking opportunities with high end business contacts, stars and legends from the tennis and sports scene.

My Ultra Tennis Series events are THE ultimate in VIP luxury, and are an incredible mix of sports, hospitality and a damn good party! Tickets are on sale now, but don’t hang about because it WILL sell out!

The events take place in June across three amazing five-star locations – in London, Leeds and Manchester. Returning after many successful years, we’re still growing, and partner with some top end luxury brands to put on the best in high-class hospitality.

It’s no secret I’m a massive tennis fan, and these events showcase not just thrilling tennis action, but also everything I know about how to mix business with pleasure!

Me falling on my arse whilst playing a game of doubles with one of our sponsors and a couple of the Tennis Legends at last years Manchester event!

Building your network if SO important for anyone who is serious about making money and growing your business. If you want to make the kind of connections that are going to elevate you to where you want to be, you’ve got to be playing in the right arena. You’re not going to meet successful people hanging out in your local McDonalds! Get yourself to the right events, network and socialise with the right people and you’ll see opportunities open up that are worth every penny of the investment.

Part of the reason I set up these events was to bring together in one place the right people, the best luxury brands and create opportunities so that it’s not just a brilliant event, but also a really strong platform for anyone looking to build amazing business connections.

You cannot afford to miss out on an opportunity like this! 

Anyone who purchases a ticket or table by emailing me will be entered in to a prize draw for the chance to join in a tennis clinic hosted by our tennis superstars!