It’s probably not what you think!

Answer honestly – how much has your business grown over the last year? We’re already into 2019, so it’s time to get real. Are you growing? Or just standing still?

There’s a million different EXCUSES people give themselves for not achieving what they are capable of. I see businesses at all stages – some who are hungry for growth, some who are totally in the shit and can’t see a way out, and also those who are just coasting along. But whatever stage these businesses are at, there is only ever one thing stopping their owners achieving what they desire.

So the question is: What is stopping YOUR business from growing?

The answer is this: YOU! 

You need to understand how your convictions, the beliefs you hold, are shaping what actually becomes real for you. The wake-up call is that you have to also CHALLENGE these convictions if you want to stop wasting your time and not achieving your full potential.

Conviction and underlying beliefs

If you answered the question of why your business isn’t growing with a whole load of practical ‘reasons’, then you need to take a step back. What is the actual REASONING behind you coming to those conclusions?

You’ve got to ask yourself WHY. And keep on asking WHY, until you get to the bottom of what the BELIEF is that is underpinning this feeling.

Here’s an example. Maybe you said ‘I’m happy with my business the size it is now, growing is not a priority’.


Because I don’t have the means to expand


Because I don’t have the funding I would need


Because I don’t want to borrow money


Because I was always taught that debt is bad

Once you get down to this level, the smart people are the ones who look for actual evidence to either prove or disprove this belief.

So you think debt is bad? This is just a belief. If you want to find out whether your beliefs are TRUE, then you need to do a bit more work.

Where does this belief come from? Is this something your parents taught you? Is there any evidence to support this? What about evidence that this is wrong?
If you looked at businesses who DID use borrowing to grow, how are they doing? Has it worked out badly for them? Or do you need to reassess this underlying belief in the face of the evidence.

The truth of the matter is that borrowing DOES allow you to grow. I know this because I’ve done it, seen it, and helped others to do it time and time again.

If you’re building your whole business on a principle that turns out to be flawed, you’re never going to move forwards. The smart people, the ones who attract success, are those people who are constantly challenging themselves. They’re always looking to test whether what they’re doing is based on the actual FACTS or just what they THINK or believe.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got! 

Do you want 2019 to be the same, or BETTER than 2018? Test your own excuses about why you’re not already doing better and seeing growth.

If it’s because of a lack of funding, or a belief about what you could, should, or can’t do, then my challenge to you is to do something differently. And do it NOW. No more excuses!

I’ve helped all sorts of businesses grow by getting the right funding in place at the right time. If you want to find out more about how to get yourself and your business in the best shape to secure business finance, then check out my guide to getting funded