Wayne Ferreira Interview with Matt Haycox – Tennis, Business, Player Coaching

Wayne Ferreira Interview with Matt Haycox – Tennis, Business, Player Coaching.
From international tennis start to business guru, Wayne Ferreira talks to Funding Guru Matt Haycox about success, failure, and life after tennis.

Wayne Ferreira played on the ATP World Tour for 16 years with a highest singles ranking of 6 and highest doubles ranking of 8. He was ranked in the top 20 for most of his career, winning 15 singles titles, two ATP Masters Series titles, nine doubles titles, and a silver medal at the Barcelona Olympic Games. In his long career, he played 56 consecutive Grand Slams, a world record for which he was given the Iron Man of Tennis award.

Ferreira and business partner, Henri James Tieleman, have developed a more effective air to water generator. Ferreira now holds two patents relating to air to water generation as well as an additional two pending patents. “I highly recommend the EcoloBlue A.C.E. when you are confronted with water issues.” The EcoloBlue A.C.E. incorporates EcoloBlue’s Industrial Atmospheric Water Generator into an all-contained emergency water solution that comes complete with a power generator and bottling configuration all in a forty foot container.
Air is the only water source required for the EcoloBlue Industrial AWG. Once it pulls humidity from the air, it then filters and purifies the water.

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