Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers Chats with Matt Haycox

Charlie Mullins Pimlico Plumbers Chats with Matt Haycox.

Charlie decided at the age of nine that he wanted to be a plumber, after noticing that his local plumber was well respected, had a great lifestyle and money. So, he took to ‘bunking off’ school to earn ‘two bob a day’ working with the local plumber.

After leaving school at 15 with no qualifications (he always says that was a big mistake, he should have left at 14!) and completing a four year apprenticeship in plumbing Charlie started out with a second hand van and a bag of tools. In 1979 he started Pimlico Plumbers from a basement of an estate agent in Pimlico.

“I set out to change the image of the plumbing industry and get rid of the stigma associated with it, i.e plumbers who turn up late, driving rusty old vans, not wearing uniform, arses hanging out their trousers, bad workmanship and ripping off the customer,” says Charlie.

Being a archetypal entrepreneur and having a reputation as one of the UK’s most outspoken and controversial businessmen has attracted a lot of TV and media attention over the years. He has his own in-house PR team and is also represented by Recognition PR and Phil Hall Associates Media.

Charlie regularly appears on TV, on various news channels, Daily Politics, Panorama etc giving his response to the latest topics and featuring in debates. He has also featured in several TV documentaries including Channel 4’s Show Me Your Money and The Secret Millionaire, BBC’s Young Plumber of the Year as a judge and BBC 1’s Posh Plumbers.

He also regularly features in national press, various business magazines and has regular columns in top business publications and websites. Charlie is regularly on the radio and is also often used as a speaker/panelist/judge at events.

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