Level up your business by getting your home life right

How’s your work going? Busy? Really busy? Ridiculously busy with no time for anything else?! There’s a lot of noise made about work life balance. If you’re killing it all hours in the office, lots of people find it hard to get any time for their personal lives. But you won’t ever catch me talking about work life balance because the simple fact is if you want to be super successful then you have to be 1000% committed to your business and home life and other areas will suffer – FACT! Anyone who tells your otherwise is full of shit or has won the lottery!

What I do want to talk about however is how the impact can go the other way – about how what’s going on in your personal life affects your work.

When work is going well – and by well I mean you’re working hard, making money – it’s very easy to let things slip on the home front. But if you’re finding things a struggle at work, maybe you’re getting stressed out, or things are not going well, one of the big things you need to look at is how what might be going on at home could be impacting the decisions and choices you’re making.

Who is on your team?

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely business. Sure you might have business partners, but fundamentally, there’s no-one telling you what to do. It all comes from you. If you have a husband, wife or partner, even if they are nothing at all to do with running your business, to succeed you’re going to need to feel like they are backing you every step of the way.

Now this is relatively easy when business is going well. But when the shit hits the fan at work, you need to feel like the person you share your life with has your back. That they trust and support you to make the right decisions. And I think this is where a lot of relationships come unglued.

Be supportive, or be somewhere else

The crunch point for lots of entrepreneurs comes when they need funding. I’ve seen it a lot – to secure a loan, or investment for a business might mean securing it against joint assets. If it’s your business and you back yourself, then this isn’t a problem, but I’ve also seen lots of situations where the husband or wife of the entrepreneur gets cold feet. They want to see their partner succeed, but aren’t willing to go all in with them.

Situations where there’s conflict like this in a personal relationship can be disastrous for your business. Dealing with tension at home can mean you take your eye off the ball business wise. We all know the feeling – if you’re constantly distracted feeling like you need to resolve personal arguments, then it’s almost impossible to focus properly on the task at hand.

Get your goals aligned

Now I’m not necessarily suggesting running off and dumping your spouse the second they disagree with you! There is always going to be a degree of balance needed between your work and your personal relationships. But if you’re consistently feeling that what’s happening at home is a distraction, and your partner is not supporting you in your goals, then it might be time for a re-think.

So if you’re struggling at work at the moment, take a look closer to home. Do you feel supported? Is your relationship helping or distracting you from getting where you want to be? If things aren’t great then that’s ok, after all, life is never perfect. But the only true failure is not being honest with yourself, so if you identify something that needs to change – make it happen! You’ve only got one chance at life, so make it the best it can be.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]