Anyone for Tennis?!

I had an amazing experience this week, playing a set of doubles with ex world top 20 Xavier Malisse as my partner, against Wimbledon winner Richard Krajicek and his friend actually on Court 2 at Wimbledon! After the game, we stayed on, getting the full ‘behind the scenes’ tour, a private lunch on the balcony overlooking the grounds, sneaking on to Centre Court & the Royal box – the lot. As a tennis fan, it was the most unbelievable experience, and definitely one to remember. I can’t thank Richard enough for arranging it and inviting me.

I’m a lucky bugger right? Wrong! Achieving your dreams is nothing to do with luck. It might seem out of reach, but there’s absolutely no reason you can’t do the same and achieve your dreams in whatever field that may be. Here’s how it came about, and how you could do it too…

Have a goal

I’ve always been a big tennis fan, so obviously getting to play at Wimbledon is the holy grail. Whether it’s sport or business, if you want to succeed you’ve got to be clear with yourself about what that success will look like. With tennis, Wimbledon is up there as the ultimate place to experience, but in business it could be anything from being listed with a certain stockist, to reaching a million pound turnover. The best sports players know exactly what they want to achieve, and then they put the work in to be the best and get there!

Make it happen

Because I’ve always loved tennis, I’ve always been looking for ways to combine that passion with my businesses. Working back, there’s been a chain of events, choices, decisions and plans that landed me with the opportunity to meet and play with the world’s best, and a lot of it is down to having the right network to be able to make this happen for myself. It’s not luck. It is deliberate, and that’s good news because it means that anyone can do it.

Be deliberate

I chose to get involved with tennis events through my businesses at first. I used to take my own customers, investors and high net worth individuals to luxury tennis events for entertaining, knowing that as well as being great for business, it would also be something I’d really enjoy.

Through the people I met along the way, I was able to build some great relationships with the fantastic brands and athletes involved, who are now involved with my own tennis events – check out Boodles Tennis at the Mere www.boodlestennis.co.uk and Berry’s Tennis at Hazlewood Castle www.berrystennis.co.uk. There’s always an opportunity, if you are focused about what you’re doing, and know where you want to be.

So are clear about what your goals are – whether it’s a personal passion or a business goal, think about how to create that path to get there. Who do you need to be talking to? Where will you meet them? It doesn’t matter if it’s tennis, golf, any sport, music or whatever – you make your own luck.

Invest in yourself

There’s no reason why anyone can’t be doing the sorts of thing I get up to. All it takes is hard work, and the self-belief to just go out there and make it happen for yourself.

If you’ve got a great business plan or idea that you want to see get off the ground, like my Tennis events, and you need advice or funding for it – let’s have a chat. I’m always interested to hear about great opportunities, so you never know, maybe next time it could be you on Centre Court. Get in touch!