Sales challenge launches with a bang

This week saw the launch of my £20k in 20 days challenge. I’m going back to basics, teaching a group of total novice salespeople everything I’ve learned (the hard way) about how to make a boat load of money, and fast!

I’ve recruited a team of 9 people from all walks of life, and have taught them everything I know about how they can get ahead and start making some serious money in sales.

The first intensive training day was on Sunday, and already the results are starting to speak from themselves. I’ve seen all kinds of salespeople over the years, and heard every excuse going as to why people just don’t hit their targets. These new guys are proving that with the right attitude, if you’re hungry enough and motivated to succeed, there’s nothing you can’t do.

We’ve set a sales structure with aggressive commission, so for those who are really set on making money, the sky is the limit. The thing all of our Sales Challenge recruits have in common is that they’re ready for the challenge, ready to work hard and put the effort in, so it’s really exciting to see that start to pay off already.

Where some teams in the past have struggled to make 20 calls a day, with absolutely no leads or repeat customers our new team are smashing through over 100 calls a day, which is an incredible start. One guy even hit 170 calls on his 1st day!

The program will run for a month, after which everyone who has successfully met all their targets will be offered a full time position.

In my business, I’m investing money in other people, which in theory should be the easiest sell in the world! I’ve built the business the best way I know how – by being personable, building relationships, really believing in my product and basically just putting the graft in.

My first-hand experience in all walks of life and business is what really makes us unique. I’ve always been able to move quickly when the opportunity is right, and take a real world view of what’s going on, where others might have got a ‘computer says no’ attitude from traditional lenders.

It’s great to be able to share what I’ve learned with the new Sales Challenge team, and it’s exciting to see where it will take them. Watch this space for more news on their progress over this month! And for those on the programme – lets make some MONEY!